After Care

(Post-Therapy Exercise Continuum)
This service is available at all of our locations

What is After Care?

A program designed for clients wanting or needing further exercise or conditioning following discharge from their physical therapy rehabilitation program. Clients have the opportunity to continue rehabilitation in the case of exhausted insurance benefits or questionable medical necessity (possible insurance coverage denial). This program provides a progressive transition in continuum of recovery, from the “most of the pain has gone away” to the “I’m back in the game 100%!”

Who could benefit from this program?

  • People who have exhausted insurance benefits before full recovery.
  • Clients who insurance benefit has had rehabilitation “carved out”.
  • An individual not secure continuing on their own in an unfamiliar environment.
  • An athlete who knows they must return to the field 110% to avoid further injury.
  • Anyone who is motivated to not just get better but prevent another injury.
  • For those who want to decide the level of recovery or function.

What is the difference from my physical therapy program and After Care?

Once a patient has met established functional goals and appropriate for discharge, a level of independence has been achieved. The After Care Program allows the patient to continue with recovery to total independence in a familiar facility, with familiar and safe equipment, while receiving assistance from trained support staff (ATC, exercise physiologist,). Your therapist may be available for questions about exercise or activity progression. The exercise record is available for recording specifics of exercise.

How does it work?

The staff will work with your schedule and the clinic operations to determine a range of days/times that would be optimal for you and your program (equipment access). Participants pay a monthly fee of $35.00 at the initial visit and continue paying a monthly fee the first of the month.

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