Ergonomic Consultation

This service is available at all of our locations

Ergonomic Safety Study

An ergonomic study is an analysis of how the worker responds when performing a job in relation to the work environment.  An Ergonomic Specialist reviews the impact of injury on the worker’s job performance to:

  • Identify risks for work-related musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Establish physical qualifications for safe job performance.
  • Recommend job modifications that enable the injured worker to work safely and productively within specified work abilities.

Job Modification Assistance

An Ergonomic Specialist may assist the employer with removal or alteration of physical barriers that may prohibit an injured worker from performing the essential job functions or obtaining employment.  Job modification is generally used for return to work positions that are considered permanent.

Therapy Case Review

This review of records is completed to:

  • Determine appropriateness of diagnosed conditions related to the injury or occupational disease claim.
  • Assess appropriateness of ongoing or requested treatment.
  • Facilitate release to return to full duty, release to return to work with restrictions, or referrals for rehab services.
  • May include a telephone consult with the attending physician to facilitated appropriate treatment or cooperation with return to work release.
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