Functional Capacity Evaluations

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A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is a comprehensive, objective test of an individual’s ability to perform work related tasks. The test can be constructed to evaluate an individual’s ability to perform a specific task or any occupation.

Goals of the FCE

  • To provide information about an individual’s ability to reliably and safely sustain work related tasks to all parties involved.
  • To objectively identify an individual’s physical abilities and limitations.
  • To decrease claims and absenteeism.
  • To prevent injury reoccurrence.
  • To resolve cases in a timely manner.

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As a bridge between healthcare and the workplace, the FCE assists with evaluation of the injured worker’s recovery in a vocational context. By objectively establishing the subject’s capacity to perform functional tasks, the FCE provides critical information about physical capacities to assists vocational experts to determine the impact of the injury on the person’s employability and earnings potential within the labor market.

FCE’s can be performed at any of our PPTS locations.

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