Injury Assessment Testing

This service is available at all of our locations

What is Injury Assessment Testing?

An objective, quick and efficient, post-injury evaluation similar to a “limited FCE”.

Why have an Injury Assessment Test?

  • Identify objective musculoskeletal findings that support claims allowances
  • Screen for limited functional abilities, e.g., lifting, agility, finger dexterity
  • Identify appropriate work restrictions or transitional work assignments
  • Identify potential treatment intervention options
  • Identify safety concerns or need for ergonomic intervention


  • Worker alleges that musculoskeletal symptoms are job related.
  • Company needs more information to evaluate requested claims allowances or work restrictions.
  • Worker alleges safety concerns or difficulty performing transitional work assignment.
  • Worker is not working, and is not participating in therapy, confined to bed, or scheduled for surgery.
  • Worker has not progressed to transitional work assignment after the initial 10 therapy visits
  • Worker released to full duty after extended disability leave without objective workability assessment or recommendations for transitional work assignment or task progression.
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