Job Site Analysis

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What is a Functional Job Analysis?

It is a scientific method of identifying and evaluating the physical and functional relationship of work. It involves analysis of the worker, the work and the worksite.

What does the functional job analysis identify?

A Functional Job Analysis describes the worker, work and worksite:

  • Worker variables (demographics, musculoskeletal status, vocational status, etc.)
  • Work variables (force, weight, height, reps, breaks, incentives, etc.)
  • Worksite variables (ergonomic factors, tools, materials, etc.)

What are the uses of a Functional Job Analysis?

  • Identify and quantify the minimum physical demands necessary for the safe and productive performance of the job
  • Establish return-to-work requirements
  • Develop hiring standards with regard to the jobs physical demands
  • Identify ergonomic risk factors
  • Assist with ADA compliance
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