Orthopedic and Sports Medicine

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What is Sports Medicine?

Sports Medicine comprises a wide range of services and programs to meet the needs of multi-level athletes. From the increased attention to physical fitness and wellness among all age groups, to the dedicated training and competition to become champions, athletes often push past their limits and injury can result.

How Can PPTS Help Me?

Physician Physical Therapy Service rehabilitates athletes of all ages and abilities. We understand the need to coordinate the athlete, coach, trainer, parent and physician for the most effective, expeditious and safe recovery and return to sport. PPTS utilizes thorough biomechanical (structure), kinesiological (motion) and neuromusculoskeletal (strength, balance, flexibility, agility) assessments. This allows us to very specifically identify the specific deficit and most effective treatment to restore function quickly. This also identifies the cause of the sustained injury and allows preventative measures to be employed to prevent reoccurrence.

The extensive assessment used in injury management is also very effective in Performance Enhancement. Identifying strength, flexibility, biomechanics and coordination deficits and addressing them with well rounded program often results in improving athletic function and performance

The Therapists at PPTS

All of the therapists are licensed professionals that specialize in the treatment of orthopedic and sport related injuries. They receive ongoing clinical education in therapeutic and manual skills. Many of PPTS therapists are current or former high-level athletes themselves, which allows them to completely treat and train the athlete with the strong desire to function as well as they did before, or better.

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