(Bones and Balance)
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What is Bones and Balance?

A program of prevention and treatment for osteoporosis.

What Is The Role Of Physical Therapy In Osteoporosis Prevention And Treatment?

Evaluation specific to osteoporosis, includes time of day height measurements and flexicurve measurements of kypholordoisis. Dynamic and static balance assessment guides balance training and education. Treatment design is focused on site specific, weight bearing or resistive exercise to maintain or increase bone density. Correct static and dynamic posture is addressed with functional exercise and fracture prevention.

Who Would Be An Appropriate Patient For A Referral?

Any patient that is at risk of developing osteoporosis or has been diagnosised with osteoporosis. Post fracture patients are appropriate for management of acute symptoms and postural exercise. Patients with gait deviations or mobility dysfunction would benefit from the fall prevention and treatment.

How Do I Get Started?

Referrals start with an individual physical therapy evaluation. Placement into an appropriate level program is recommended to the referring physician.

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