Transitional Work Program Development

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What is a Transitional Work Program?

A well written Transitional Work Program provides a safe and efficient return-to-work plan for the employee who is temporarily limited from performing the essential physical demands of their job due to a work-related injury or illness.

Transitional Work Programs use job tasks or a combination of tasks and functions that an individual with work restrictions may safely perform. Transitional programs emphasize real work activities as the principal means in the worker’s physical recovery and structure a productive compensated return to full duty.

Why would we want to develop a Transitional Work Program?

  • Indemnity costs reduced
  • Medical costs reduced
  • Injured workers recover faster when working
  • Permanent disability claims reduced
  • Employee is productive while healing
  • Employer retains valuable, trained employee
  • Builds workplace morale-communicates that the employee is valued
  • Presence of an injured worker can re-enforce safety awareness

How do we develop a Transitional Work Program?

  • Corporate Analysis and Needs Analysis
  • Establish Buy-In
  • Write Policy and Procedure
  • Establish Preferred Physician Provider Network
  • Establish Preferred Local Rehabilitation Provider Network
  • Perform Functional Job Analyses
  • Corporate Wide Training
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