Walking Program

Walking Program (Walk This Way) (Fitness, weight loss, and therapeutic)

What is Walk This Way?

A program to promote, assist and motivate anyone who has the desire or need to walk for fitness or fun. The extensive health related benefits resulting from successfully participating in a walking program has made walking one of the healthiest and medically recommended forms of exercise. Walk This Way provides a club camaraderie that addresses the challenge of staying with the program to achieve an individual’s goals.

Why a program? Why not just walk?

Often the people who most need to walk for medical reasons are not able to because of pain, weakness or debilitation. PPTS clinicians are very capable and experienced at assessing and addressing postural, strength, flexibility, biomechanical, cardiopulmonary limitations or educational needs to successfully get a patient walking. Education on getting started, warm up/cool down, stretching, self-monitoring heart rate, proper footwear, safe walking surface and controlled progression to prevent injury build confidence in actually starting and participating in a exercise program. Being able to address ongoing questions or concerns to our health care staff promotes compliance.

Who should consider the Walk This Way program?

Walking works for people currently fit, buy want to maximize the benefits of exercise. Walking is very effective in assisting individuals manage weight control. Aerobic conditioning from walking improves lung efficiency, strengthens the heart, increases muscle strength, stimulates bone mass and improves joint mobility. Effects from a walking program are known to be effective with stress management and anxiety, as well as combat fatigue.

How does one participate?

Those who simply want to join others to walk and participate in the program, including, incentives should call immediately and sign up. Those who have concerns or questions regarding limitations can call and schedule a walking assessment. Often just a few sessions of therapy are all that stand in the way of WALKING FOR FITNESS AND FUN.

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