Work Injuries

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Physicians Physical Therapy Service, Southwest IPA has developed a group of clinics that have specialists providing industrial rehabilitation services. The vision is commitment to reduction of claim costs and lost productivity related to unnecessary worker restrictions or disability. The goal is to reduce the cost of injuries to employers by providing objective functional assessments and therapy services at clinics and work sites to shorten the time from date of injury to return to full duty or Maximum Medical Improvements. Through the IRDs comprehensive offering of clinic based and work-site based rehabilitation, comprehensive functional capacity evaluations, ergonomic assessments, job analysis, and prevention programming, our clinics are able to professionally and efficiently service our clients on a regional and statewide basis (Industry, Case Managers, Physicians, and Claims Representatives). This gives our clinics a competitive edge on referrals from regional and state-wide accounts.


  • Administrative assistance to relieve the administrative burden on referral sources.
  • Expert reviewer consultation to ensure quality of services.
  • Continuing education and informative updates related to industrial therapy services.
  • Reduced risk of referral sources going to your competitors, because administrative support and expert assistance can assist with services your office is not trained, equipped or staffed to provide.

Exit Criteria:

A participant will no longer be eligible for WRP if:

  1. The participant no longer has work restrictions/limitations that limit his or her ability to perform full-time job duties.
  2. The nature and severity of the participant’s injury indicates they will not be able to return to regular duties within 90 days of participating in the WRP.
  3. Due to an aggravation of the participants’ condition and related symptoms, program participation is temporarily disrupted or limited.
  4. Attending physician withdraws permission for the participant to participate in the WRP.
  5. Failure of the participant to make substantial progress toward resuming regular job duties within expected time frames.

Work Recovery Program Standards:

  1. All participants will be seen within 24-hours of receipt of referral.
  2. Physicians, case managers, and/or other appropriate team members will receive a copy of the initial evaluation within 48-72 hours of the initial visit.
  3. If a case manager is involved, ongoing communication with the case manager will be initiated within 24 hours of initial visit and continued throughout treatment program.
  4. On-going reassessment of participants will occur weekly and status reports will be sent to the physician and case manager.
  5. Physicians will receive a status report prior to a follow-up appointment with the participant.
  6. Therapists will assess current functional status and correlate with Current Return-to-Work Requirements for all non-acute patients.
  7. Work related functional goals will be used in the development and progression of the treatment plan.
  8. All WRP charts will be visually identifiable.

Policy Details:

Physicians Physical Therapy Service/Southwest IPA physical therapists will be responsible for the following:

  1. Monitor-Entry into WRP requires that condition is such that participant can return to full duty assignment within the 90-day period of WRP.
  2. Monitor-Participant must be able to tolerate being at clinic a minimum of 2-hours, every other day.
  3. Perform the evaluation of WRP participants to include clinic-based Functional Capacity Evaluations or Work Injury Assessments as requested by the physician to assess the participant’s functional work restrictions, readiness to participate in transitional work program or other rehabilitation needs.
  4. Complete WRP Initial Evaluation and Weekly Progress Reports to included assessment of Current Return-to-Work Requirements that indicates the relationship between the participant’s job demands and his/her current functional capacity to perform the job’s essential work duties.
  5. Perform on-site Ergonomic Studies to assess fitness-for-duty and recommend job accommodations, modifications or transitional work assignments.
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